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The JGRobo Marketing Inc ALFS is an automated lead processing and analytics service that can help increase your ROI by up to 45% with "Lead Healing" and "Instant Lead Notification" services. Watch our videos below to learn how our system works and test our Validity Demo Web Form to see how Instant Notification works.

ALFS - Automated Lead Funnel Service

...in the callcenter

In our experience, upwards of 45% of inbound callcenter leads have one or more errors, often so serious as to render them useless for marketing purposes. The JGRobo Marketing Inc. ALFS responds to this problem with a built-in callcenter interface for live agents, designed to eliminate errors as they occur. Have a look at the video to the right to see how our system prompts agents to correct physical mail errors, fix incorrect telephone numbers, and repair invalid e-mail addresses...

Chances are your e-mail data is probably bad...

According to recent research by Dun & Bradstreet, three out of every five businesses rank "questionable" or lower in terms of the deliverability of e-mail addresses in their marketing database.

...by recapturing e-mails

Even if the callcenter doesn't get it right during inbound lead capture, the JGRobo Marketing Inc. ALFS' "Lead Healing" technology continues to work to attempt to ensure the deliverability of your marketing materials. Validated mobile phone numbers receive an automated SMS text message, prompting the lead themselves to correct their own data. Watch what happens when our system processes a lead with a bad e-mail address...

It doesn't matter how good your funnel is.

Even the best marketing funnels are useless if they can't deliver messaging to your prospects. In our experience, upwards of 45% of inbound marketing leads are typically discarded due to bad lead data.

...by improving your web forms

Web forms are also a leading source of bad lead data; prospects often purposely enter invalid phone numbers or e-mail addresses, if they don't fully understand the value of providing accurate data. The JGRobo Marketing Inc. ALFS can easily integrate into virtually any web form to provide validation, prompting for correct data if a lead isn't being forthwith.

Demo form

Try out this form to see what happens if you enter incorrect e-mail addresses or phone number.

Want Not Just Better Data, but More Data?

Building the JGRobo Marketing Inc. ALFS in-house means even highly specific needs can be easily accommodated. For example, we can also integrate even richer data, such as income levels and other demographics, in real-time, and also automatically update your CRM.

..and there's more.

Here's a few of the other aspects of the ALFS that can also serve to empower your marketing...

Custom Reporting
Reporting is customized to each of our client's specific needs: be they as simple as nightly lead processing counts and reports, or as complex as hourly charting and trends analysis.
Easy Integration
The JGRobo Marketing Inc. ALFS integrates easily into a full range of common CRMs. Typical installations integrate with InfusionSoft, Salesforce, Greenrope, Ontraport, and ConstantContact.
Enriched Datasets
Taking your data to the next level is also possible. Not only can we synchronize validation data with your CRM, but we can also obtain demographic data such as household income, homeownership status, all in real time.
Fully Customizable
Being a system we built ground-up, in-house means almost infinite possibilities to customize almost any aspect of the JGRobo Marketing Inc. ALFS to meet our client's requirements.

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